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About us

There are many websites on the Internet with information about nutrition, training, motivation, but basically, all of them are written in complex language. Such articles are very difficult to comprehend for beginners, who are looking for quality workouts or nutrition plans.

Now you have a faithful fitness assistant – MyLeanBody.

In this blog, we will try to explain in the most accessible language the main aspects of fitness and nutrition using the knowledge that we have gained from the years of experience of working in the fitness industry. Our team consists of certified fitness trainers, whose experience is reinforced by knowledge.

Our goal is to make the process of transforming your body more understandable, easier, more comfortable, and fun. We will motivate you, teach you how to painlessly achieve your goal, help you in word and deed.

We will be glad to every new reader who brings positive energy and good vibes because this is the atmosphere on this blog.

See you on our website! Wish you an enjoyable and easy transformation!