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how to get motivated to lose weight and exercise

How to Get Motivated to Lose Weight and Exercise?

How to get motivated to workout? Here are some tips that really work.

9 Motivation Tips to Lose Weight and Exercise

1. Formulate a Goal and Consider the Benefits

To begin with, you should clearly understand what it is that sports can give you in the future. Doing sports simply because it is useful and encouraged by society, is a path to nowhere because, without a clear goal, you will quickly get bored of it all. Think about why people get into sports in general and which of these achievements you most want to benefit from.

Here are just a few of the benefits that a person who exercises regularly gets:

  • A beautiful, strong body;

Look at your body and see if you like it now. Can you call yourself attractive to the opposite sex? Are you satisfied with what you have? If the answer is no, then sport is exactly what will significantly improve the situation.

It is no secret that physical beauty and excellent shape give many advantages in life. You will most likely become more popular, because most people evaluate us primarily by our appearance. Slenderness and fit are a positive to many friendly companies, the possibility of a wider choice when looking for a soul mate and also often, a great chance for career growth. Many vacancies assume that the applicant, among other advantages, will also be attractive in appearance. In addition, a sports person commands respect from everyone, as it is immediately clear that they are ready to work long and hard, including on themselves.

  • No restrictions;

Sport makes us more resilient, which means it allows us to discover new opportunities. Starting from the simplest ones, for example, walking up the stairs instead of waiting for the elevator, playing with the child without shortness of breath and enjoying walking. Also, ending with active rest such as; the delights of skiing or cycling with a rest in the mountains can only be appreciated by a person who is in good shape.

  • The ability to choose the clothes you like;

Many of us deny ourselves the pleasure of wearing our favourite dress or costume, realizing that on a loose body, it might look ridiculous. The ability to buy outfits based solely on your preferences and not on the need to mask flaws, will be a great bonus from stubborn sports. In addition to this, it is easier for a sporty person to look good in any or even the simplest outfit, as a toned body will adorn a regular T-shirt with jeans.

  • The approval of others;

It is difficult to meet those who would condemn sports. The fact that you find the motivation for your daily workouts can generate exceptional respect. People will subconsciously perceive you as a more collected and purposeful person, worthy of their trust. If someone is trying with all their might to dissuade you from regular classes, then you can be sure: this is your ill-wisher.

  • Good health;

There is a well-known expression: “If you do not run while you are healthy, you will have to run when you get sick”. Sport serves as a good prevention of many diseases, as it is a kind of guarantee that you can lead an active and productive life in old age. Consider the fact that regular exercise can make you live longer and these years will not be spent in constant visits to the hospital and thinking about what hurts and where. No, a sporty person can afford the luxury of enjoying life even in old age.

If such distant prospects do not inspire you, it is worth considering improving your life here and now. Regular training energizes and gives you strength to do other things. As many successful people testify, it is playing sports that allow you to get the “reboot” necessary for the brain during constant work and start new tasks with enthusiasm. In addition, playing sports promotes the release of positive hormones and reliably protects you, not only from a bad mood, but also from depression.

motivated to lose weight and exercise

2. Reward Yourself for Even Small Successes

The big goal is formulated, as it remains still to be reached. To avoid constant disappointment along the way, do not forget to praise yourself for even small steps. Try to follow each task you complete with something you really enjoy. For example, after returning from the gym, relax with your favourite TV show during a week of workouts without runs and encourage yourself to go to a bar with friends, etc.

Constant rewards are important for two reasons. Firstly, for every minute of your life it is difficult to remember an ambitious goal, especially if you are still far from it. Practice shows that relaxing here and there, in most cases, seems more attractive than getting in good shape and health in the future. These concepts are still too ephemeral, but the motivation “I will make two more circles around the stadium and have a mug of hot chocolate” is much more mundane and effective.

Second, regular encouragement will help you build a good habit. It has been scientifically proven that gradually, the body will understand that after playing sports you get pleasure and it will itself begin to push you to exercise.

3. Anti-Motivation

This method is powerful enough, but not for everyone. If you are demanding about yourself, then try to imagine what your body will turn into if you do not play sports within ten years. Even if you are more or less comfortable with your physical fitness now, things can only get worse over the years. Metabolism will slow down, active weight gain will begin and organs will begin to deteriorate one by one.

You could hang a photo of a repulsive person on the wall that you don’t want to become and look at them whenever you feel like giving up.

4. Find Like-Minded People

It is usually easier to do something with interested people. Sports inspire many, so you can easily find partners in your area. With them, you can share your successes and failures, useful advices and dreams. You can cooperate and go to training together, which in this case, it will become much more difficult to miss them.

how to stay motivated to exercise and lose weight

5. Tell Everyone about Your Goals

Social media can be a great driving force in today’s world. Inform on Facebook or Instagram, that you plan to run three kilometres every day and post photos of your new sneakers, and now a certain number of people are interested in watching your progress, encouraging you when you fail and scolding you when you missed a workout.

It will be useful to share with your family. Ask the family to motivate you with praise and encouraging words, “You will definitely succeed.”

6. Beautiful Sportswear

Fashionable and comfortable clothes will be an additional incentive to get out for training, as you need to wear them somewhere. Complete your look with a new fitness tracker, get a nice water bottle and enjoy every workout.

7. Buy a Gym Membership

Exercising at home is not a good option because there is always something that will be distracting you. In addition, many exercises are simply impossible without special simulators. Therefore, if this does not break a tangible hole in your finances, then go to the gym. In addition to comfort, you will also receive additional motivation such as; it will be a pity to lose the money spent on the subscription, so you have to go.

An important point to consider, is choose the gym that will be comfortable to get to. Because otherwise, sooner or later, the excuses that “I can’t spend two hours on the road to do fitness” will outweigh the initial motivation.

how to get motivated to workout

8. Choose the Right Time of Day and Get Some Sleep

Sports should be fun, so if you’re a night owl, ditch the morning run idea right away. Choose the time interval when you are full of strength and energy. Do not strive to immediately set a record, as it is better to practice a little, but every day. It can also become motivation because persuading yourself to devote at least ten minutes a day to sports is not so difficult, and gradually you will get a taste for it.

9. Don’t Force Yourself

This is no less important than setting a clear goal. Motivation and self-discipline are good things, but if you overdo it, you can end up with a lifelong dislike of sports. Accept that sometimes things will not go according to plan and on some days you will not exercise due to feeling unwell, lazy, or participating in some other activity. This is normal, sometimes you need to give yourself some rest. The most important thing is to always return back to your goal and then a good result will not keep you waiting.

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