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Administering Deca Durabolin in the Right Way: Nandrolone doses for maximum effect without damage to health

Here we describe the right dosages of Deca weekly/daily for males and females depending on their goals and workout experience. Do not miss out our “Buy Deca safely” guide if you want to get high quality Nandrolone injections at affordable price and not get scammed by shady online merchants.

Just like in case with any other anabolic steroid, because Deca is a prescription drug and medicine, earlier Nandrolone Decanoate was prescribed in doses of 50 to 100 mg every three to four weeks, for a period of 12 weeks and no more. With the passage of time, due to different medical conditions, diseases or disabilities, the prescription dosage for Deca has changed to accommodate each different user’s requirements. For example, people suffering from Anaemia are prescribed 100-200 mg in a week, which is a dose that is quite higher than the normal amount usually prescribed.

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A 50g solution of Deca Durabolin used for injections is a pale yellow, oily solution that comes in a 1ml clear glass vial and is sold in packs of one, three, or six vials.

When Deca Durabolin is used for bodybuilding and performance improvement, beginners are prescribed doses of 300 to 500 mg each week. Medium users are not required to go above the 500 mg level, especially if Deca has been complemented with other compounds like Testosterone or any other oral steroid to act as a kick start for your cycle.

Info for ladies

Although steroid use is typically frowned upon by women, it shouldn’t be. Women are into bodybuilding and fitness and they too have similar goals when it comes to bodybuilding and powerlifting. For this reason, we cannot exclude females when we talk about steroids. Doses are typically less for women but some will increase their doses substantially for better results.

Advanced users usually do not need higher doses of Deca, but if they do need a higher dose for enhanced results, then the dose should not go beyond 600 to 800 mg or slightly more per week. This is especially true because Nandrolone is the main anabolic steroid of a cycle and Testosterone simply acts as a supporting or base compound with Testosterone Replacement Therapy or TRT doses.

Deca 300 by Dragon Pharma

Deca 300 by Dragon Pharma
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A perfect example of high quality Deca. Offered in a form of 10ml vial. Active substance: 300 milligrams of Nandrolone Decanoate per milliliter.
A perfect example of high quality Deca. Offered in a form of 10ml vial. Active substance: 300 milligrams of Nandrolone Decanoate per milliliter.
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Deca 300 by Dragon Pharma

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deca durabolin benefits

Benefits of Deca Durabolin for Bulking & Cutting Cycle

Deca Durabolin is an extremely popular injectable anabolic steroid comprised of the steroidal hormone Nandrolone and is attached to the large Decanoate ester. Nandrolone is number two in the category of anabolic steroids used by both bodybuilders and performance athletes. The first rank is held by Dianabol (or…

Deca-Durabolin Cycle: How Nandrolone is Stacked With Other Steroids

Deca-Durabolin provides extra strength to the tendons and ligaments which is extremely beneficial for bodybuilders and athletes who are training with heavy weights and putting excessive strain on their bodies day in and day out. While users will notice some results when using Deca by itself in a cycle, the results will…

Comparison of Deca Durabolin with Testosterone and Estrogen

With respect to anabolism, Deca is only slightly stronger than Testosterone. It has a strength rating of 125, while the strength rating of Testosterone is 100. But Testosterone has a very low androgenic rating of just 37, and this makes it more suitable for people who experience side effects of Androgenic…

Side Effects of Deca Durabolin

Deca Durabolin is promoted as an Anabolic steroid that is very mild and has very little side effects when compared with other anabolic steroids. This is not fully true and there are some facts that should be made known. The impression that Deca is mild, is an outdated idea from the time when not much was known about such…

When not to use Deca Durabolin

There are certain conditions in which you should not take Deca Durabolin: Allergy: If people have a known history of allergy to Nandrolone or any other ingredient that Nandrolone may have, then it is not recommended to take Deca Durabolin. Some dosages may have Arachis oil and that can be harmful to people who have an…

Use of Deca Durabolin for Medical Purposes

Regardless of your purpose of use, the effects of Deca Durabolin surrounding therapeutic relief are tremendous. Many anabolic steroids have the ability to promote enhanced Collagen synthesis and bone mineral content, but the Nandrolone hormone tends to take it to a high level. This is why many report tremendous joint…

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  1. Wife thinking about using gear, where do I begin?
    Is Deca something that I should let my wife run in a cycle? She is fit and has an athletic frame but wants to take the next step from training naturally to running some gear. What will she get out of Deca-durabolin?

    1. Not sure if you want to give your wife Deca. Did you ever think about letting her run NPP? It’s much more effective on leaning out and won’t bloat her at all. She could cycle it with Testosterone and add in an oral like Winnie or Anavar. Really it’s up to her but just let her know what she’s getting into.

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